Random Insult

Listen, moron. If you're going to try and insult me, at least be grammatically correct. I'm too busy mentally correcting your errors to be offended.

Latest Funny Insults

    1 day ago
    I hate it when ugly people say "I need my beauty sleep." Bitch, you need to hibernate.
    2 days ago
    Yo momma's so stupid, when she heard that Christmas was around the corner, she went looking for it.
    3 days ago
    Oh, what was that? I couldn't hear you with all your shit clogging up my ear!
    4 days ago
    Yo momma's like a hockey player, she only showers after three periods.
    6 days ago
    I don't hate you. I just hope your next period happens in a shark tank.
    7 days ago
    Quick, check your face! I just found your nose in my business.
    9 days ago
    My intense desire to unfriend you is outweighed by the enjoyment I feel gawking at the huge trainwreck that is your life.
    10 days ago
    You know what's funny? Not you, so shut up.
    10 days ago
    That's weird. After I typed your name, it auto-corrected it to "whore".
    10 days ago
    There may be two sides to every story, but you're still a douche in both of them.
    10 days ago
    Sorry for calling you a whore all those times. I didn't realize a lack of love from your parents leaves a hole in your heart only dicks can fill.
    13 days ago
    Were you born this stupid or did you take lessons?