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5 days ago (25/09/2014)

Rude Insults

5 days ago
Twinkle twinkle little slut,
You like dick inside your butt.
14 days ago
A douche bag of your magnitude could cleanse a whale's vagina.
7 months ago
Nobody would miss you if your dad had put you in a tissue.
7 months ago
What's the difference between a joke and 10 black cocks? You can't take a joke.
8 months ago
Go put some sand in your crotch, it will make the crabs feel at home.
11 months ago
Your sex life is like the rainbow; crazy people search for it, midgets have gone through it, and every gayman in America supports it.
1 year ago
I heard your mom got fired from her job at the sperm bank - the boss caught her drinking on the job.
1 year ago
You were supposed to be a stain on the carpet.
1 year ago
The smartest thing that ever came out of your mouth was a penis.
1 year ago
To all the bitches with my name in their mouth, do what you do best and swallow it.
1 year ago
If you were any more of a dick, gay guys would be trying to suck your forehead.
1 year ago
You started with nothing and still have most of it left.
1 year ago
You're just like a vacuum cleaner, you suck things up but you don't spit out.
2 years ago
You're the dick you'll never have.
2 years ago
Can I borrow your brain? I'm building an idiot.
2 years ago
You're such a turd, when you sat in the sandbox, the cats tried to bury you.
2 years ago
I would call you a cunt but you don't have the depth or the warmth.
2 years ago
You're just like a door knob, everyone's used you.
2 years ago
Your vagina's like a joint, it gets passed around and hit till you can't hit that shit anymore.
2 years ago
If you have a problem then tell my ass cause it's the only one who gives a shit.