Penis Insults

2 months ago
Your cock is so small, you could use it to floss teeth.
4 months ago
I probably wear heels bigger than your dick.
9 months ago
Look! You've grew a pube... Oh wait, that's just your dick.
1 year ago
The smartest thing that ever came out of your mouth was a penis.
2 years ago
Insult: Suck my dick!
Response: Sorry, I don't suck small things.
3 years ago
You're such a nerd that your penis probably plugs into a flash drive.
3 years ago
Your dick is like a landmine; small, hidden, and explodes on contact.
3 years ago
Do you need those glasses to see the size of your dick?
3 years ago
He's got a Dick so big it's got it's own heart and lungs.
3 years ago
He's got a Dick like a turkey poking his head through a bush.
3 years ago
He's got a Dick like a baby's arm holding an orange.
3 years ago
You cut me down I must confess but in your mouth my Dick will rest
3 years ago
Sorry, can't put small objects in my mouth or I'll choke
3 years ago
I'm sorry, how small did you say your chode was again?